Spread-Free Bets by Sporting Index!

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Spread-Free Bets by Sporting Index!

Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of Sporting Index bookmaking company’s awesome offer!

If you're regular sports spread better then you can get a little extra free with Sporting Index. For certain markets the bookmaker offers the chance to get spread-free bets, i.e. bet at the mid-point of the spread at the market mid-point rather than the top or bottom of the spread. For spread betting, losses may exceed deposit.

Steps to make: 

STEP 1: Place 3 sports spread bets online on the same sport's qualifying markets listed below within 10 minutes.

STEP 2: Place a 4th spread bet on the same market spread-free, i.e. at the spread mid-point (stake = size of your smallest qualifying spread bet).

STEP 3: You can claim this offer as many times as you want on any sport markets listed below when you meet the qualifying criteria.

How to earn your spread-free bets: If you were placing three football spread bets on a Saturday morning on any of the qualifying football markets listed below with stakes of £20, £10 and £20 respectively, you could then place a fourth bet up to a stake size of £10 at the mid-point of the spread.

I.e. if your fourth bet was a Supremacy spread bet and we were quoting Team A/Team B at 0.2-0.4 you could buy or sell for £10 at the mid-point of 0.3. See below for a full list of each sport's qualifying markets that this offer applies to. Please note that a spread-free bet is not a free bet. It simply lets you bet inside the spread, at the market mid-point.

Qualifying markets: Horse Racing: Double Card, Favourites, Favourites Rush, Starting Prices, Distances (code)  (code = F for Flat and NH for National Hunt), Heavyweights, Racing Post Favourites, Squared Numbers, Stop at a Winner, Featherweights, Jockey Index, Distances 2-3, Distances 1-3, Multi-Mules, Spotlight Verdict, 99s Distances, Heads You Win, Double Draw, SM Jockey Index. (All are Card Market versions of each market only).

Horse Racing: Flat Match Bets (note that this is a standalone offer from our horse racing Card Markets, i.e. you will need to place three horse racing flat match bets online in the space of 10 minutes to get a fourth flat match bet spread-free). Football: Any of our football Group Specials markets (Action, Goal Mine, Accumulator, Top of the Flops, Hat-Trick, Multi Teams).

Football: Supremacy (note that is a standalone offer from our football Group Specials markets, i.e. you will need to place three Supremacy spread bets online in the space of 10 minutes to get a fourth Supremacy spread bet spread-free).

Football: Player Season Goals (note that is a standalone offer from our football Group Specials and Supremacy, i.e. you will need to place three Player Season Goals bets online in the space of 10 minutes to get a fourth Player Season Goals bet spread-free). Cricket: Player Perfs (ODIs & T20 only).

Golf: Finishing Positions, Leaderboard, Player Performance, 10-3 18-hole Match Bets Supremacy, 10-3 18-hole Match Bets Supremacy (Matchplay). Rugby Union: Supremacy. Rugby League: Supremacy. Tennis: 10-5 Supremacy, Total Games Played. Snooker: 10-3 Supremacy. NFL: Supremacy. F1: Race Index. Darts: 10-3 Supremacy. Australian Rules: Supremacy. Baseball: Supremacy. Basketball: Supremacy.

Terms & Conditions: Sporting Index reserves the right to amend, withdraw or restrict this offer at any time without notice. Sporting Index reserves the right to withhold this offer when it has reasonable belief there has been co-operation, collusion or organization of bets from the same source, or if it has reasonable belief that the offer is being abused in any way.

Sporting Index is the sole arbiter of these rules and any other issue arising under the promotion. No staff member (or any relation or partner thereof) of any spread betting or fixed odds bookmaking firm is eligible to take advantage of these offers. Accounts introduced via an Introducing Broker are excluded.