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Mobile Betting

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Mobile Betting

The absolute guide to Mobile Betting. Find which bookmakers offer what and take advantage of their promotions!

Mobile betting has gained more and more popularity over the past years and all reputable bookmakers offer mobile versions, iPhone , Android and Windows Phone apps for their products.

What is important to mention is that while we see a big rise in the number of sportsbooks offering mobile optimised versions and apps, the quality of the user experience while using these apps is not as good as the user experience that the desktop versions offer.

At each bookmaker review you can find a dedicated section to mobile betting as well as casino games and poker gaming offered from each company! And of course we have not forgotten to include in our reviews the Apple Watch which has entered our lives since the beginning of 2015.

Betting with native apps VS web based apps?

But let's see what is the difference between native apps and the new trend on the market, web based betting apps.

In order to access the native app, you need to download it through the Apple, Android or Windows Phone store and install it to your mobile. That means yet another app which might be an issue for some people. It also means that you will need to update the app if you want to get all the latest features.

On the other hand, the mobile application will feel faster while betting and could make use of notifications and other native features that is hard to have on the web based app.

The web based betting apps on the other hand are available through the browser and you don't have to install something. This means you bet on-the-go even from your friend's mobile if you are running low on battery (it happens quite often!). Also you will not have to update something when newer versions come out as the app will get updated automatically.

The tradeoff is sometimes slower response and loading times, something that with faster networks and modern mobiles should be less of an issue.

The Winner

I would not vote for one or another. What I would do definitely is try out the app and go with the better designed one, irrespective of the way it has been built. Our reviews should help you get a taste of what the apps feel like and safe you some time. Below some necessary links!

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