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Enteractive and Forge Partnership to Boost Player Reactivation Efforts

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Enteractive and Forge Partnership to Boost Player Reactivation Efforts
Enteractive and have recently announced an exciting collaboration aimed at enhancing's customer experience through tailored reactivation campaigns!

Leveraging Enteractive's renowned expertise in player reactivation, the partnership seeks to optimize revenue from dormant segments within's player base.

With Enteractive's proven track record in one-to-one player engagement, is poised to benefit from targeted strategies aimed at revitalizing lapsed audience segments. By focusing on transforming non-funded accounts and reactivating dormant player accounts, Enteractive aims to maximize the Lifetime Player Value (LPV) for these segments, thereby bolstering's active player base and increasing bottom-line revenues.

Jarrod Febbraio,'s Director of Commercial, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, noting Enteractive's specialized approach in re-engaging distinct player segments for sports betting and iGaming brands. He highlighted the effectiveness of Enteractive's one-to-one approach in achieving desired results in player conversions, emphasizing the potential to optimize's active players' engagement.

Kelly Briffa, Enteractive's B2B Sales Executive, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the company's commitment to facilitating real one-to-one conversations with players. Briffa expressed confidence that Enteractive's personalized outreach strategies would help access hard-to-reach audience segments, thereby driving successful player conversions.

Enteractive brings to the table 15 years of experience in player conversion and reactivation, having interacted with over 8.1 million players in the past year alone. Notably, the company's (Re)Activation Cloud technology platform streamlines the integration of player databases, enabling native-speaking sales agents to engage players in personalized outreach initiatives seamlessly.

This collaboration underscores's ongoing efforts to enhance its offerings and expand its market presence. It follows closely on the heels of's recent partnership with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) as the official betting partner for prestigious events such as the Davis Cup and Billie Jean King Cup, further solidifying's position as a leading player in the sports betting and iGaming industry.

With Enteractive's expertise and's commitment to innovation, the collaboration promises to deliver enhanced value to players while driving sustainable growth for in the dynamic and competitive landscape of online betting and gaming.