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European Lotteries Advocate for Stronger EU Support in New Manifesto!

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European Lotteries Advocate for Stronger EU Support in New Manifesto!
European Lotteries (EL) has unveiled its new Manifesto, a strategic call to action aimed at urging EU policymakers to acknowledge and safeguard the crucial role that lotteries play across Europe!

This publication comes in anticipation of the forthcoming appointments of the new European Parliament and the European Commission later this year.

The Manifesto emphasizes that lotteries are not merely games of chance but are vital contributors to the social and economic fabric of Europe. EL traces the historical significance of lotteries back to the first recorded lottery in Bruges in 1441, highlighting their long-standing role in generating public funds. Today, lotteries are a common feature in all EU Member States, consistently supporting a variety of societal benefits.

A significant point made in the Manifesto is the financial impact of lotteries on European society. EL underscores that without the contributions from lotteries, Europe would be €22 billion ($23.81 billion) poorer annually. This substantial figure underscores the importance of preserving the national lottery model, which continues to deliver significant public welfare benefits.

To this end, EL calls on EU policymakers to protect the unique model of national lotteries. The Manifesto urges EU institutions to reaffirm the cultural and societal value of national lotteries, recognizing their historical and traditional significance. This recognition is deemed essential for ensuring that lotteries can continue to contribute effectively to the public good.

Another key aspect of the Manifesto is the differentiation between legal and illegal gambling operators. EL supports the Digital Services Act's concept of trusted flaggers to combat illegal online content and advocates for uniform legality in gambling operations, both online and offline. This approach aims to enhance consumer protection and maintain the integrity of the gambling sector.

The Manifesto also argues for the continuation of the current policy exempting the gambling sector from specific EU legislation. This exemption allows Member States the flexibility to address local needs and ensure high levels of consumer protection. EL believes that a one-size-fits-all approach would not be effective given the diverse nature of gambling markets across Europe.

Furthermore, EL promotes a risk-based approach to advertising, where high-risk games are subject to stricter regulations compared to low-risk lottery games. This strategy aims to ensure responsible consumer engagement and channeling towards legal and safe gambling options.

Finally, the Manifesto calls for careful consideration of the unique characteristics of lotteries in any future EU discussions on environmental and social taxonomy. EL warns that failing to recognize these characteristics could harm their collaboration with investors and insurers, potentially jeopardizing their ability to support societal benefits.

In summary, the Manifesto by European Lotteries is a comprehensive appeal to EU policymakers. It seeks to ensure that the vital role of lotteries in European society is recognized and protected, allowing them to continue their significant contributions to public welfare and economic stability.