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Novibet Enhances Betting Experience with Stats Perform’s Opta Data Integration!

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Novibet Enhances Betting Experience with Stats Perform’s Opta Data Integration!
Novibet is set to elevate its football betting experience this summer by introducing a suite of innovative user features powered by Stats Perform’s Opta data and OptaAI!

This strategic development is aligned with Novibet's extended partnership with Stats Perform, aiming to offer bettors a more immersive and informative environment.

Central to this upgrade is the introduction of an "Opta Stats" section, accessible on both the Novibet website and app. This section will showcase advanced metrics, including OptaAI-powered expected goals (xG) and expected assists (xA), enabling bettors to make well-informed decisions swiftly. These metrics provide insights into the likelihood of a player scoring or assisting, based on the quality of chances created or received during matches.

In addition to the advanced metrics, Novibet will also launch "Opta Points" betting markets. These markets focus on individual player performances, allowing users to engage more deeply with matches. By betting on player-specific outcomes, such as points accrued from various on-field actions, users can experience a new level of interaction and excitement.

The rollout of these features is strategically timed to coincide with major football tournaments, including Euro 2024 and Copa América. By integrating these features during such high-profile events, Novibet aims to enhance the betting experience and attract a broader audience. The company is focusing on its territories in Europe and South America, leveraging the popularity of these tournaments to maximize user engagement.

Giannis Paraschos, Novibet’s Head of Sportsbook Product, expressed his enthusiasm about the extended partnership with Stats Perform. "We’re delighted to extend our deep relationship with Stats Perform and use its Opta brand prominently to increase our users' trust in our product. Our team is also really proud of the way we’ve built Opta Points into our front-end UI and back-end pricing," Paraschos stated. He further emphasized the significance of the Euros and Copa América in utilizing Opta Points, helping users follow their favorite club players as they represent their countries and discover new heroes. "We think it’ll make more of the games and more of the players matter to our bettors and be an enormously popular way for them to immerse themselves in the tournaments," Paraschos added.

Andrew Ashenden, Chief Betting Officer at Stats Perform, highlighted the value of their partnership with Novibet. "We’re very pleased that Novibet sees the value of our trusted Opta brand, and the potential of Opta xGoals, Opta xAssists, and our new Opta Points metric. It’s a privilege to partner with clients like Novibet who share our aspiration to make sports betting more entertaining, and fascinating to see the magic they’ve built with our Opta data feeds," Ashenden remarked.

In a related development, Novibet recently joined the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA). This move aligns Novibet with over 50 other companies and 125 sports betting brands committed to protecting regulated sports betting markets from match-fixing. This step underscores Novibet's dedication to maintaining integrity and trust within the sports betting industry, further enhancing its reputation among users.

Through these enhancements and strategic partnerships, Novibet is poised to offer a superior betting experience, combining advanced analytics with an engaging user interface. The integration of Opta data not only enriches the betting process but also strengthens Novibet's position as a leading player in the sports betting market.