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Oddschecker Expands Low6 Partnership with Euro 2024 Bet Bingo!

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Oddschecker Expands Low6 Partnership with Euro 2024 Bet Bingo!
Oddschecker, a brand under FairPlay Sports Media, has deepened its collaboration with the gamification company Low6 by unveiling a fresh, free-to-play game for its registered users: Euro 2024 Bet Bingo!

This innovative game, set to coincide with England's participation in the Euro 2024 group matches, will offer players a chance to win Amazon vouchers worth thousands of pounds.

To participate in Euro 2024 Bet Bingo, users need to sign up on the Oddschecker platform. Upon registration, players will receive a 25-tile bingo card one hour before each of England's group matches. Each tile on the card represents a potential in-game event, providing numerous opportunities for players to win prizes beyond their standard bets. This unique twist not only enhances the excitement of watching the matches but also engages users in predicting various game outcomes, making the viewing experience more interactive and rewarding.

The sign-up window opened on June 12, 2024, allowing players to prepare for England's matches against Serbia on June 16, Denmark on June 20, and Slovenia on June 25. This initiative builds on the successful model previously used during the 2024 Cheltenham Festival in March, where Oddschecker players enjoyed a similar bingo-style game. The Cheltenham Festival version of Bet Bingo also utilized a 25-square bingo sheet filled with various possible game outcomes, proving to be highly popular among users.

FairPlay Sports Media Group's CEO, Stuart Simms, expressed his enthusiasm for the new game, stating, "The summer of sport is truly upon us and we’re excited to give our registered users an extra opportunity to enjoy Euro 2024 with the launch of our latest free-to-play game with Low6. Following the success we saw with Bet Bingo at Cheltenham, the Euro 2024 version continues the popular format in combining the much-loved British bingo pastime with a football theme that gives additional opportunities for fans to cheer on alternative events during England’s group stage campaign."

Jamie Mitchell, CEO of Low6, echoed Simms' sentiments, highlighting the widespread appeal of the European Championships. "Few events attract the attention of a nation like the European Championships do, and we’re pleased to continue our partnership with Oddschecker and FairPlay Sports Media to deliver a new free-to-play game that continues the success of our previous bingo launches," he said.

This new iteration of Bet Bingo is expected to further cement the partnership between Oddschecker and Low6, leveraging the excitement surrounding Euro 2024 to offer an engaging and potentially lucrative experience for football fans. The combination of traditional bingo elements with football-themed events allows users to immerse themselves more deeply in the game, rooting for specific outcomes that can lead to winning valuable prizes. This gamified approach aims to enhance user engagement and satisfaction, continuing the trend of successful free-to-play games that blend sports betting with interactive entertainment.